About Michael

"But changing the world? These are the things that people work for. And this pushes people. And so, this is who we are as people." - Tim Cook, Apple CEO

The goal is to leave the world in a better way than we found it. This message strongly resonates with me, and I was inspired to center my business goals around it. In fact, I realized that it is what drove me to do the work that I currently do.

Making the world better

I believe in a Creator, and when you understand the creation you get a glimpse of the mind of the creator. I grew up with a drive to dig deeper and understand as much of the world around me as I could. Artists share their vision of the world through the brush and the canvas,  the film and the screen, and the camera and the photograph. The minds that created the tools we have today united with goal to touch the human spirit.

Art affects us in such an emotional way that it drives change. Capturing the beauty in the world, the marvelous wonder in God's creation, and the ingenuity of humanity allows us to recognize what we have in our grasps and what we can strive for. It can show us the joy of life amidst the struggles of the world. It encourages us to cherish the blessings we've been afforded, and to press forward.

Being a part of it

I've been intrigued by film making and photography since my youth. Capturing all the enjoyable moments, no matter how embarrassing, was my goal. When my family went on trips, I always wanted to be the one with the camera taking pictures. All parents want to capture the memories of their children growing up, but this child wanted to capture the world.

I realized early on that I want to be the bringer of joy to others by capturing some of the most significant times of their life. I want to provide a voice to those who wanted to reach others, but weren't sure how. I want to tell the stories that touch people and drive their creativity, their generosity, and their hope in making the world better than they found it.

This is my contribution.

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